Cat Portrait Photography

Jenna’s studio photo shoot – part II

By Rocco Autero / November 26, 2018

Since the last couple of sessions went so great, we decided to try our luck with a black background for this studio session. Unfortunately this time, only Jenna was interested in modeling for the camera. But never fear, we got some more amazing pictures of her. Here’s a sample of some of them…

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Amber’s Saturday afternoon photo shoot at home

By Rocco Autero / September 20, 2016

Some of Amber’s favorite activities are lounging around and hanging out on the window sill watching the birds. What better idea for a photo shoot than to photograph¬†her at home enjoying these things. We captured some amazing pictures of her that day, here are a few of them…

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Rocket, Lolita and Jenna’s studio photo shoot

By Rocco Autero / December 6, 2015

If you have a cat you probably already know that it’s difficult to get them to do something. Cats do what they want to do. But, since we did so great with my cats during the last studio photo shoot, we decided to try another one but this time with a white background. We were…

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Rocket, Lolita and Jenna’s barnyard studio shoot

By Rocco Autero / April 27, 2015

Cats typically love hanging out in the barn so what better setting for the latest studio photography shoot than a barn. We spent a wonderful winter weekend photographing these three in a barnyard studio setting. From our previous session, you can tell that these three love to pose for the camera so it’s no surprise…

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professional cat photography white and orange cat

Clara and Marshmallow’s Brooklyn photo shoot

By Rocco Autero / March 21, 2015

Clara and Marshmallow were just adapted from the North Shore Animal League. Both are really happy to have a great home! What better way to welcome them than by photographing them! We headed over to their new home in Brooklyn to capture some amazing photographs of ¬†big brother Marshmallow and his little sister Clara relaxing…

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Rocket, Lolita and Jenna’s photo shoot at home

By Rocco Autero / March 23, 2014

It’s always great when you have three cats who love to model for the camera. We were able to capture some amazing pictures of Rocket, Lolita and Jenna lounging around enjoying a lazy weekend. The majority of them were shot with a one light setup using a portable off-camera flash and soft box. Take a…

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