Welcome to our new website and blog!

Welcome to our newly designed photography website and blog. Here you’ll find information on our studio, view our portfolio, obtain session information and read our blog.

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks importing some of our best archived photo shoots from the past few years onto the new blog. Over the coming weeks and months, look for additional posts on some of our most recent photo shoots as well as posts with informative information on some of the best locations for a photo shoot in the tri-state area, tips for photographing your pets and/or family, discuss what type of gear to use and touch on some hot photography topics. We’ll also teach you some basic editing techniques you can use at home to make your photos look amazing.

Please spend some time browsing around and contact us with any questions or to book your next photography session.

Flashback: Unleashed pet photography workshop – the studio photo shoots

I attended the Unleashed fine arts pet photography workshop in Virginia a few years back. It was a great week of learning how to better photograph pets and run a successful business. We were able to practice indoor, studio and on-location photo shoots. The following post has some of the highlights from the studio shoots we did. I was able to get some great pictures of Sophie and Remi during the workshop. Here’s a look at some of them…

Amber’s Saturday afternoon photo shoot at home

Some of Amber’s favorite activities are lounging around and hanging out on the window sill watching the birds. What better idea for a photo shoot than to photograph her at home enjoying these things. We captured some amazing pictures of her that day, here are a few of them…

Bruno’s Sunday morning shoot at Spencer’s Run and Waverny Park in New Canaan

Bruno loves to socialize at the dog park so we headed over to Spencer’s Run dog park in New Canaan on a Sunday morning to get some amazing pictures of him.

Bruno loves posing for the camera and it was very easy to get some great pictures of him. The park has some spectacular scenery and best pictures we got of him were with 100 year old Waverny House mansion in the background.

Rocket, Lolita and Jenna’s studio photo shoot

If you have a cat you probably already know that it’s difficult to get them to do something. Cats do what they want to do.

But, since we did so great with my cats during the last studio photo shoot, we decided to try another one but this time with a white background. We were again able to get some more amazing photos of these guys. Take a look …



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