social distance pet photography COVID-19 pandemic

Social Distancing Pet Photography

By Rocco Autero / June 7, 2020

With the recent Covid-19 health crisis, you’ve probably been spending a lot more time at home with your BFFs (best furry friends). You may also be wondering how safe it would be to have professional portraits taken of your pet at this time? The good news is that at Elite Pet Photography we take into…

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Jenna’s studio photo shoot – part II

By Rocco Autero / November 26, 2018

Since the last couple of sessions went so great, we decided to try our luck with a black background for this studio session. Unfortunately this time, only Jenna was interested in modeling for the camera. But never fear, we got some more amazing pictures of her. Here’s a sample of some of them…

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Flashback: Unleashed pet photography workshop – the on-location photo shoots

By Rocco Autero / August 9, 2018

Last year I posted on the Unleashed fine arts pet photography workshop in Virginia I attended a few years back. I showed you some of the great studio shoots we did. We also did some great outdoor shoots as well. Here’s a look at some of them…

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Rudy’s photo shoot at Saxon Woods Park

By Rocco Autero / December 3, 2017

Rudy really enjoys the outdoors so what better place for a photo shoot than Saxon Woods Park in Mamaroneck, New York. We photographed Rudy in November as a holiday gift from his mom to his dad. Rudy had such a great time exercising and enjoying the woods that we were able to capture some amazing…

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Pagsy’s fall photo shoot at Central Park

By Rocco Autero / November 7, 2017

One of Pagsy’s favorite things is posing for the camera. So we headed into Manhattan on a beautiful fall afternoon to photograph him in Central Park. We were able to get some great pictures of him in the upper 70th street area and around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pagsy even decided to put on…

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Flashback: Unleashed pet photography workshop – the studio photo shoots

By Rocco Autero / October 27, 2017

I attended the Unleashed fine arts pet photography workshop in Virginia a few years back. It was a great week of learning how to better photograph pets and run a successful business. We were able to practice indoor, studio and on-location photo shoots. The following post has some of the highlights from the studio shoots…

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Amber’s Saturday afternoon photo shoot at home

By Rocco Autero / September 20, 2016

Some of Amber’s favorite activities are lounging around and hanging out on the window sill watching the birds. What better idea for a photo shoot than to photograph her at home enjoying these things. We captured some amazing pictures of her that day, here are a few of them…

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Bruno’s Sunday morning shoot at Spencer’s Run and Waverny Park in New Canaan

By Rocco Autero / September 20, 2016

Bruno loves to socialize at the dog park so we headed over to Spencer’s Run dog park in New Canaan on a Sunday morning to get some amazing pictures of him. Bruno loves posing for the camera and it was very easy to get some great pictures of him. The park has some spectacular scenery…

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Rocket, Lolita and Jenna’s studio photo shoot

By Rocco Autero / December 6, 2015

If you have a cat you probably already know that it’s difficult to get them to do something. Cats do what they want to do. But, since we did so great with my cats during the last studio photo shoot, we decided to try another one but this time with a white background. We were…

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Chewy’s Saturday photo shoot in Hoboken

By Rocco Autero / October 15, 2015

We had such a great time photographing Luna in Hoboken that we decided to photograph Chewy there too! We got some more great pictures by the waterfront overlooking midtown Manhattan and then moved on to the Stevens Institute of Technology campus and got some more amazing shots of him.

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